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Cybersecurity is the practice of keeping our online accounts and data safe from outside threats. There are 4 things YOU CAN DO to protect yourself, your family, and our organization: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset the password to my PowerSchool Parent Portal?

When you reset your password, you will be asked to use an email. YOU MUST use the email we already have as your contact email in PowerSchool.

For more help, click here for step by step instructions on recovering your PowerSchool Parent Portal account.

If you have any problems reseting your password, message the Technology District Helpdesk or call (314) 213-8050.

How do I monitor my child's Internet use on their school device?

Securly is the content filter we use to filter student devices. Parents who activate their SecurlyHome account can also use it to monitor and control Internet use at home.  Learn more: Parents 

How do I monitor my child's grades?

Empower (K-5 & Remington Traditional) and Canvas (6-12)  are digital learning environments teachers use to provide learning resources, create assignments, monitor student progress, and assign grades. To know how your child is doing academically, you want to access your parent/guardian accounts for those systems.

Learn more: Parents 

How do I qualify my child for Internet assistance at home?

Pattonville School District provides Internet access for students who are unable to afford or obtain it.  To participate in this program, students must be enrolled in the Free/Reduced Lunch program and submit an Internet Access request form for each child that needs access in the PowerSchool parent portal. Applicants will need to upload or turn into a building the Free and Reduced Lunch Approval Letter for the current school year to complete the request.

Eligible students will be provided with mobile broadband Internet access for their district-provided device only.  Participation in this program will be awarded to eligible students on a first come, first served basis.  

High school students who qualify will be assigned a hotpot device to use with their MacBook. 

K-8 students who qualify will be assigned an LTE-capable iPad.

How do I pay for my child's laptop damage waiver fee?

Students are responsible for protecting their Pattonville laptop from loss or damage. However, accidents happen. In order to protect families from being responsible for the entire cost to repair a laptop, Pattonville School District uses a damage waiver program that requires families to pay an initial fee and then only be charged a scaled deductible for covered claims made to repair a damaged laptop. For 22-23, damage waivers can be paid online or at registration. Look for communication soon regarding details for using MySchoolBucks to pay fees.  More Information: PHS Damage Waiver Program

Note: The Damage Waiver program is only required for students with a MacBook laptop, not for students with an iPad. iPads are protected by Apple Care + for Schools according to these parameters: Damage, Theft, Loss, or Failure to Return Procedures.

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