The Pattonville School District provides high-quality learning experiences for all students in support of our mission: That All Will Learn.  Starting in middle school, students have opportunities to select courses that match their interests and readiness.  At the high school level, these options grow so all students can seek unique pathways to graduation and beyond, whether that be pursuing additional education at a two- or four-year college, joining the military, completing a skilled apprenticeship, seeking job certifications, or going directly into the workforce.

No matter what direction students choose, they will find support through personalized learning opportunities within their classes and guidance from passionate, effective educators.  In the classroom and in the community, during the school day and after school through co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities, Pattonville provides learning experiences that engage our diverse students as they set goals and seek success.


What goals do you want to achieve?  Where do you want to go?  

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I want to better understand how my interests and strengths could help me find a good fit for my high school plans and beyond.

Each Pattonville student in sixth through 12th grades has an account with SchooLinks, an online program that students can use to begin exploring their strengths and interests, plan their high school courses, and research potential careers and college opportunities.  At the middle and high school levels, students will take part in lessons in advisory/homeroom time that focus on finding students' strengths, exploring students' interests, and learning more about post-high school education and careers.  At the high school level, it also serves as a communication tool used by Pattonville's college and career counselor to share information about scholarship opportunities, career guest speakers, college visits, and other resources.  It also provides a way for PHS to share student transcripts and recommendation letters with colleges.

All students in middle and high school can use SchooLinks to take surveys to learn more about how their interests and strengths can drive their future goals.  

For student access to SchooLinks, sign into Clever and look for the SchooLinks symbol:

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