Pattonville Heights Library

When can I come to the library?

Before School:

Students may come to the library between 7:50 and 8:05 a.m. without a pass to study, research, check out, or return materials.

During school:

Students will come to the Library with their class during the day as often as the teacher wishes. Typically students come a minimum of every 3 weeks with their ELA class to check out. Each grade comes to the library for one or more research projects during the year. Also students may obtain a pass from their teacher to visit the library during class.

Lunch Time:

After students eat lunch, they may visit the Library during the remaining period. Students must obtain a pass from one of their teachers before going to lunch and show it to a lunch duty teacher.

After School:

Students who wish to use the library after school must be supervised by a teacher. Arrangements must be made before 2:58 p.m. with the teacher who will stay.

What are the behavior expectations for the library?

The library is a classroom. Mrs. Harder’s expectations are:

We are all here to read, think, create, and learn.

Everything you do in the library should add to your learning rather than interfere with your learning or with the learning of others.

In keeping with these expectations, students need to know that:

The library is not a hallway. If you must pass through between classes, please do so quietly.

Sitting with a friend is a privilege, not a right.

Be one of the privileged!

How many things can I check out and for how long?

*Except only 2 books in the same series

**Current Twain-Truman-Book Battle Books located on the short bookcases

What if I have overdue or missing items?

The library does not charge fines for late materials. Overdue notices are given out to students every three weeks. If a price is listed, it has been assumed by the librarian that the item is lost and the replacement cost is given. We would much rather have the item returned than the money, so if you think you have lost a book, please look for it before paying the fine.

If a student has a problem with damage, loss, or late materials, that student’s check-out privileges may be modified until he/she can become more responsible.

When checking out, students are notified if they have overdue materials. They will not be allowed to check out additional materials until the items are returned. If a student has overdue items, we will hold a wanted item for one day until the items are returned.

Do you have electronic items like e-Books and Audio Books I can download?

Pattonville middle and high schools regularly add titles to our eBook and audio book collection through Overdrive. Any students may check out and download eBooks or audio books from our Overdrive system by visiting the Library Catalog Home link at the Heights website and click on the blue box. Books may be downloaded to an iPad, computer, or various personal devices. Visit your app store for a free Overdrive app download to get started.

Students use their 5 digit student I.D. number for their library card number and the same 5 digit student number for their PIN. See Mrs. Harder for more information or assistance.

May I use the computers in the library?

The Library is equipped with computers and iPads for student use. Refer to the student handbook for information on Internet use. Educational computer games may only be played with teacher approval once all work is complete. Library computers may NOT be used to surf the Internet or check personal e-mail or social media.

Do you loan headphones to students?

Students are asked to bring their own headphones or earbuds to school. If headphones are needed for a specific class project, such as creating a movie, students may check out a set of headphones from the library for the duration of one class period. No headphones will be checked out to students for the purpose of listening to music while working.

Are there rewards for reading Accelerated Reader (AR) books?

Heights’ students are encouraged to read independently. In order to reward reading for pleasure, the library will sponsor an Open Gym at the end of first semester and Free Field Time at the end of second semester. Students who read and pass the required amount of AR quizzes for their grade level, are invited to the event for a class period. Students get treats and are allowed free time to play or just visit with friends. See your English Language Arts or Reading teacher or Click here for more information.

What is the Twain-Truman-Book Battle PROGRAM?

The Heights’ Library sponsors the Twain-Truman-Book Battle Club. Students, parents, and staff are encouraged to read the Missouri Association of School Librarian’s Mark Twain or Truman Award Nominees and/or the Book Battle books by the March deadline. Anyone who reads and passes an AR quiz over at least 4 gets to sign his/her name on the library wall, attend a party, and much more. Additional incentives are offered for reading 10, 15, 25, and/or 36 books. Click here for a list of the books and details about the program.

What is the Area-Wide Book Battle?

The Pattonville Middle School Libraries proudly sponsoring the annual Area-Wide Middle School Book Battle each May. Heights is looking for 8 students to represent our school when we compete against 41 other middle schools from around the area in a trivia-style competition over a predetermined list of books. Click here for more information and list of the current book battle books. Second semester watch for announcements for Book Battle Club meetings.