Outdoor Education



Pattonville's outdoor education program is more commonly known as "5th grade camp". The program began over 30 years ago to provide students with the opportunity to experience the life of the early pioneers. Although camp still includes some activities related to the pioneers, in recent years the new activities focus around various scientific principles and students social and emotional development. All students are given the opportunity to attend camp for 4 days and 3 nights (for a small fee) during the spring of the 5th grade year. Kids are grouped into clubs and attend various activities (see below). Each club has 1-2 counselors who also sleep in the cabin with them.


The camping facilities are located 2 and 1/2 hours away just outside of Lesterville, MO. The entrance to Camp Sherwood Forest is off of Highway 21 across the street from the Black River near Mark Twain National Forest. (see map)


Camp Sherwood has been undergoing major renovations with the help of community donations and several state grants. A new dining hall, nurses' lodge and STEM lab/Library are just a few of the changes. A new village is also in the process of being built and some bathrooms and cabins are being updated as well.

Daily Activities

Arts & Crafts

Students learn about the Woodland Indians while making their own Dreamcatcher and/or friendship bracelet.


Students learn how to shoot a bow and arrows.

Animal Survival

Students learn how animals are adapted to survive in their environment.

Outdoor Explorers

Students learn about classification and the components of the woodlands through a nature hike.


Students learn to read maps and how to navigate using a compass.


Students build rockets and review both the engineering cycle and the scientific method.

Campfire 101

Students learn how to build a fire and cook several different snacks.

Tango Tower

Students climb a hexagon shaped tower overcoming various obstacles including their own fears.


Students work to complete activities on the the low ropes course.

Team Challenge

Students participate in team building activities on the low ropes course.

Stream Biology

Student learn about the properties of water and organisms that live in fresh water.


Student will learn how to bait a hook, cast a line, and hopefully, catch a fish!!!

Health Concerns

Sherwood Forest recently built a new health lodge which includes a full kitchen and quarantine area. The lodge has room to sleep up to 10 students.

Pattonville brings two registered nurses to camp to administer medication and handle any medical issues that may arise. They are on call 24 hours a day while at camp. Students needing to take medications while at camp should complete the Prescription/ Medication form.

*The script on the bottle of medication may not be more than a month old.

*All medications should be turned in 2 weeks before students leave for camp.


While at camp students eat 3 "family-style" meals a day plus treats in the evening. Meals are kid freely such as chicken sandwiches, burgers, pizza, spaghetti, etc... All meals have a vegetarian option; however, this must be indicated on forms at least 2 weeks prior to camp. Common food allergies are also considered such as nut allergies and lactose intolerance. Other food limitations are also addressed on an as needed basis. Students may NOT bring any food items to camp due to wildlife concerns.

Evening Activities

Each evening staff and students participate in a variety of activities such as Minute to Win It games, a Teacher find, a Scavenger Hunt, Dancing, owl calling and various other games. During this time the kids have a chance to earn treats to snack on throughout the night. It is also an opportunity for them to mix and mingle with the other students while releasing some energy.

Weather Concerns

Safety first.......

The camp facilities are located in a valley near Taum Saulk Mountain. Whenever it is possible, we try to continue with our regularly scheduled activities even in rain. This means it is important for students to bring rain gear and extra clothes in case they get wet. When severe weather hits, all student activities are moved indoors. Tornadoes are rare and seldom occurred at the facilities because of the protection provided by the mountains. However, if this was a concern, students would follow normal procedures by going to buildings/rooms without windows. Flooding is the most common concern. If this concern arises, students are moved inside the buildings located on higher ground levels.


The cost of camp is $120 per student. In order to help parents with the cost, each school in the district will provide at least one opportunity for families to raise money to help cover the cost of camp. Each school determines the fundraising for their individual buildings. Parents can also choose to pay for the full cost of camp in a single payment or families can pay using installments. More information will be made available in January or February.



Important Dates

Camp Attendance:

Week 1: May 3 - May 6, 2022 (Bridgeway, Parkwood & WillowBrook)

Week 2: May 10 - May 13, 2022 (Drummond, Remington, Rose Acres)

Parent Meetings:

Other Due Dates:

Student Heath Forms:

      • Due no later than April 20, 2022


      • Week 1 - April 20th (Drop off at home school)

      • Week 2 - April 27st (Drop off at home school)

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email them to ccurtis@psdr3.org or lkraemer@psdr3.org