Extended Learning

for PSB Families

March 30 Update: With a strong foundation already in place, PSB is working to complete version 2.0 of our remote learning model this week. We are customizing the Department of Education’s guidelines to meet the needs of our students and Brookline’s community standards. Our goals during this closure remain:

  • Ensure all students participate in learning that is made accessible to them;

  • Continue to provide virtual meetings to keep students connected to their teachers, peers, and school community;

  • Minimize skill and learning regression, and as possible, introduce new learning in ways that all students can access;

  • Provide both teacher-directed learning experiences and student self-directed learning opportunities that can happen off line and at home;

Over the next few weeks, we will provide clearer guidance and direction including sample schedules for teachers and students to follow, more time on learning for students, and greater access to arts, music, wellness education, special education supports, and related services. These adjustments will then begin to roll out to the community starting on April 6. As we proceed, the learning experiences that teachers and our schools are providing will continue to become more organized.

Please remember that PSB’s remote learning operations cannot replace a student’s experience in their classroom with their teachers, support staff, and peers. PSB will work to establish better consistency across schools while still maintaining the variety and creativity that is one of Brookline’s hallmarks. No software, video, or virtual learning will compare to the vibrant and creative teaching in our classrooms.

(Last Updated: March 30, 2020)

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