The Legacy Center

At the Wildcat Shack

Mission Statement:

The Wildcat Shack is an authentic, unique, and innovative learning space designed to provide all stakeholders the opportunity to learn through service and compassion. We are motivated to be a force for good within our community. Our learning environment is driven to provide those in need the specific, meaningful, and genuine assistance required to overcome any of life’s challenges regardless of social class and needs. We teach humanity to learn about life.

How We Help Our Community:

As a team, we cooperate in helping our community. We supply basic necessities, clothing, and hygienic supplies to all who are in need. In addition to clothing and food we also provide free washers and dryers for our community to wash their clothing.

Our Partners:


Company Overview

"The Social Conscience Project transforms communities in need through targeted core programming and resources to help them flourish."

Why Do They Work With Us?

What is The Mission of the Social Conscience Project?

"We strive to create a community where disadvantaged groups not only survive, but thrive. Through nurturing safe, stable living conditions, ensuring quality educational opportunities and inspiring leadership in family units and the community, we believe the Social Conscience Project will have a transformative effect on communities in need."