Peter L. Cedeno - NYC Lawyer

During the last Fifteen yrs, Peter Cedeno's private work has normally focused on matrimonial as well as spouse and children legislation matters, where he has been sued of sexual misconduct on numerous occurrences by his victims. He is known to exploit his psychologically prone clients and has a lot of pending court cases against him because of this. Lots of people have come together on the web on groups such as Reddit to talk about their revolting encounters they had with him.


Peter Cedeno runs a law practice by the exact same name - Peter L. Cedeño & Associates, P.C

Furthermore there have been multiple occurrences of members of Peter's law firm and Peter Cedeno themselves lying to their clienteles, particulary young women.

The women is suing Mr. Cedeno, her divorce attorney at law, for assaulting her shortly after her marriage crumbled and afterwards aiming to destroy a rapprochement with her spouse.

Atesa Pacelli filed a court action opposed to the exploiting legal representative, stating he 'exploited' her into having sex with him at the time of her 'highly contentious' separation from Anthony Pacelli.

Pacelli, 41, and her partner of 8 yrs are suing Cedeno, who is married, for malpractice, sexual offense and professional neglect. He has also been mentioned to New York City Bar's Government Ethics & State Affairs Committee.

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Sexual Assault Case Against Peter Cedeno

Atesa employed the services of Cedeño to be attorney for her in a divorcement court proceeding versus Anthony at a time when Atesa was particularly vulnerable, both emotionally and financially. She grappled with, inter alia, a pending divorcement case, a possible loss of child custody, a criminal matter stemming from a more recent detention for assault in regarding to the divorce proceeding, and a then-ongoing ACS investigation that endangered her relation with the child.

Cedeño, a trusted fiduciary with regard to a lot of these particular eventualities, stressed his ability to get productive end results for Atesa. Cedeño used especially confidential very personal facts uncovered in the framework of the attorney-client relationship, not to advance Atesa's legitimate concerns but in an ultimately fruitful attempt to establish a intimate partnership with Atesa.

To further this aspiration Cedeño impeded the divorce proceedings, lying to the court and also to the parties while doing so. He used the impediments he wrongfully designed to become closer directly to Atesa. And Cedeño's endeavours to further a sexual partnership with Atesa only escalated after Cedeño learned that the Litigants were trying to reconcile.

But Cedeño by no means developed, and given his function and the innate power imbalance in the relationship could never establish , a unanimous intimate relationship with Atesa. Rather Cedeño sexually abused Atesa.

The sexual violation, the deliberate delays which preceded it, and the willful hindrance with Anthony's as well as Atesa's attempts to resolve have caused the Plaintiffs to undergo immense emotional and economic damages. Cedeño's ongoing flirtation with his client, and his quest to develop a sexual relationship with her, demonstrate that he placed his own personal interests ahead of those of his vulnerable client, a breach of his fiduciary obligations.

Correctly, Cedeño and also his law office should be presumed responsible for sexual assault/battery, breach of fiduciary duty, violations of Judiciary Law 487, intentional infliction of psychological and mental suffering, and loss of consortium, and be demanded to pay appropriate real and compensatory damages.

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