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Elevate your game with our exceptional racquet stringing and customization services in Bethesda. With 30 years of stringing experience, I cater to a diverse clientele, including novices and professional tournament players, all with the same meticulous attention to detail.

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Service Highlights:

Prices vary depending on the type of string you choose.

Elevate your playing experience with our professional racquet services. Contact us today to schedule your stringing or customization appointment. Drop-off your racquet and let me take care of the rest.

Here's a short overview of the process for using my service:

To get started, simply send me a text message (202-531-1100) indicating your interest. I'll confirm the address with you promptly. Feel free to specify your desired string tension and type when you message me.

Next, you can drop off your racquet in the designated drop box located next to the front door. Once you've done that, send me another text to let me know your racquet is there. We can also arrange a hand-to-hand drop-off if you prefer not to use the drop box. 

Payment can be made at the time of racquet pickup. You can pay by cash, Venmo, or Zelle, whichever is most convenient for you.


Extensive Inventory:

I maintain a large inventory of strings, grips, and overgrips to meet your racquet customization needs. However, if you have a specific string in mind that I don't currently carry, no worries! I can usually procure it within a few days.

Most Popular Strings:

Explore our selection of high-quality polyester strings, carefully chosen for their popularity and performance. Prices for polyester strings include both labor and the string itself.

Make the most of your racquet with our affordable and reliable stringing services. Bring your own strings, or choose from our inventory. Contact me today to schedule your stringing appointment or inquire about specific strings. Elevate your game without breaking the bank!

POLYESTER  (Prices include labor and string)

 Experience the benefits of polyester strings, known for their durability and performance. While these strings may feel a bit stiffer compared to nylon or multi-filament options, they provide exceptional longevity, even with thinner gauges.



$30   Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power 16L 

$30   Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power Rough 16L

$30   Luxilon 4G

$35   Luxilon M2 Pro 



$25   Babolat Pro Hurricane 16L or 17L

$25   Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour 16L or 17L

$30   Babolat RPM blast 



$25  Solinco Revolution

$25  Solinco Tour Bite 16-16L-17-18

$25  Solinco Barb Wire

$25  Solinco 4G



$20   Iso-speed Baseline speed 16L

$20   Gosen Polylon 16L or 17L

$23   Signum PPP Pro-Poly Plasma 16L, 17L or 18L

$25   Tourna Unique Big Hitter blue rough

$25   Ytex Square X


MULIFILAMENT / SYNTHETIC GUT (Prices include labor and string)


To bring synthetic strings' playability more into line with natural gut, many microfibers (which can be of many different materials) are twisted together to a string, which is wrapped with a resisant cover. Advantage: higher elasticity and better playability.


SYNTHETIC GUT:  Synthetic gut is the standard for all tennis string, and it is the most used string among tennis players.

$20   Prince Synthetic Gut  

$20   Babolat Synthetic Gut

$20   Solinco Pro-Stacked Synthetic Gut



$22   Gamma Rough

$22   Prince Topspin



$25   Babolat Attraction

$25   Wilson Sensation

$30   Wilson NXT

$32   Babolat xcel

$30   Solinco Vanquish


NATURAL GUT (Prices include labor and string)

Natural gut strings are made of cows' gut in a complex process. Their main features are superb elasticity, tension stability and "liveliness".


$50   Babolat Tonic Natural Gut 16L

$60   Babolat VS Natural 16L



HYBRID  (Prices include labor and string)


Hybrid strings are a combination of two different strings for mains and crosses.


$28   Luxilon Big Banger + Wilson Sensation

$30   Luxilon Big banger + Wilson NXT

$25   Solinco Tour Bite + Wilson Sensation

$40   Babolat Tonic Natural Gut + Luxilon Big Banger

$45   Babolat VS Natural gut + Luxilon Big Banger


$25   Yonex Ex Bolt 63

$25   Yonex Ex Bolt 65

$28 Yonex Aerobite

$25 Yonex Ultimax66

$25 Yonex BG80

$25 Yonex BG80 Power

$22 Ashaway Zy Max 62 & 66 Fire