What can we do for you ?

Engineering Support

Optimal Design

In-depth Training

Experienced engineering support will provide :

  • In-depth application knowledge

  • Product know-how

  • In-depth knowledge of technical functions

  • Detailed wiring

  • Cooling, heat-tracing calculations

  • Tubing, connections, fittings etc.

  • Sparepart advise

Everything needs to fit together and work at its optimum.

The Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Tests will secure proper testing and customer handover.

The proper design of a Sample Conditioning System is very critical. This phase of a project has to be executed with great precision and an eye for detail.

It is possible to make some corrections later on in a project, but this will cause serious delays and will have a great impact on the costs.

We can create a custom-made training course for Designing and Engineering Sample handling systems for Gas and Liquid analyzers.

This includes FT-NIR, Raman-NIR, NDIR, GC, Moisture, Sulphur, Physical property, Wobbe-index, Trace Oxygen, TOC, Turbidity, TDLS, pH, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, etc. including large scale shelters and HVAC systems.

The training levels are :

  1. Basic

  2. Intermediate

  3. Expert

The content and duration of the course can be completely tailored to what is needed in consultation with our experts.