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ProSCS is an engineering company with more than 25 years experience in Design, fabrication, installation & servicing of On-line Process Analyser and sample conditioning systems Projects.

Taking a Laboratory or even Process Analyser into the field and making sure it works properly year after year can be quite an undertaking, especially with high-end complex analysers such as Gas Chromatographs, FTNIR or Raman spectrometers. Our experience ensures that the installation, sample system, fiber optics, tubing and all aspects of the installation are designed properly meeting the required specifications.

There are several ways to tackle the issue of on-line sampling. Most commonly extractive sample systems are employed, but sometimes measurements can be insitu.

Sample conditioning systems for liquid and gas analysers are used to ensure a representative sample is presented to the analyser to achieve optimal accuracy and improved lifetime of the analysers and sensors.

Most problems with sample conditioning systems can usually be traced back to bad design, lack of knowledge of the sample composition and take-off conditions and/or materials and components used.

Analyser sampling conditioning systems are used for :

  • Product quality control
  • Process control
  • Energy savings
  • Monitoring and controling (environmental) emissions

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