Engineering, Design and training for Analytical Projects

Looking for Project Execution Support for Analytical Projects ?

Does your team need Indepth Training on Sample Conditioning Systems and Analysers ?

Do you need Design and Engineering Support for Instrument Specifications ?

ProSCS is a global engineering company with more than 25 years experience in the customized design and fabrication of Analyser sample conditioning systems for online process analysers.

Because of our extensive experience in maintenance, servicing, design and fabrication of sampling conditioning systems the components employed in our systems are specifically selected and custom designed to improve reliability, decrease maintenance costs and increase durability.

Sample conditioning systems for liquid and gas analysers are used to ensure a representative sample is presented to the analyser to achieve optimal accuracy and improved lifetime of the analysers and sensors.

Most problems found with sample conditioning systems are caused by unsuitable material that fails under harsh conditions or design faults.

Analyser sampling conditioning systems are used for :

  • Product quality control
  • Process control
  • Energy savings
  • Monitoring and controling (environmental) emissions

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