Quinn Mathys

Hi. My name is Quinn Yumiko Mathys.

I was born in San Diego. I live in Pacific Beach with my mom, dad, sister and dog Max. 

I have 3 best friends: one at school, one from my neighborhood and one from preschool.

I love pasta, ramen, breakfast burritos, avocado toast and brownies

I love Christmas, I really LOVE CHRISTMAS!! 

I love to crochet. I am also teaching myself American Sign Language. 

I do not like bees and needles. 

My favorite season is winter because I love the snow.

For Halloween I was a box but that turned into a blueberry princess box. 

I am in 5th grade at TCPS. My teacher is Ms Campbell. She is fun, nice and a really good teacher . 

I hope you enjoy my website. 

(You can see my videos below)