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Originality Guidelines

  • We value quality over quantity. Guest posts don’t have minimum word counts, but articles must be long enough to cover a topic in depth and to provide value to the reader.
  • When necessary, provide examples, data and links to sources to back up any claims.
  • Paragraphs shouldn’t be more than 4 sentences. Use headers and subheads, bullet lists and bold text to improve scannability.
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If you need ideas for an article or if you have any question you can email our Content Director: gaby@productschool.com, or you can message us in the Product School Community.

Submissions & Guidelines

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Check out the topics we’re interested in:

  • Product: Product Management, Product Development, People Management, Stakeholder Management, Leadership, Recruitment.
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  • Design & Web: UX, UI, Design, Programming, Apps, Software, Hardware, SaaS.
  • Startup culture: Investing, Entrepreneurship, VC, Fundraising, Innovation, Marketing, Leadership and Management.
  • Other topics: Managing Remote Teams, Project Reporting, Decision Making, etc.

We like to work with writers on a long term basis, so we’ll also ask you a couple of questions about your past work to see if there’s a chance that we can become partners. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all of them!

What to avoid

  • Already-published stories: we prefer original content that hasn’t been published on other publications or channels. If you want your story to drive as much traffic as possible, please submit unpublished drafts as Google's algorithm prefers to rank new content. Once you’ve submitted an article to our blog, you may not publish it anywhere else online.
  • Plagiarism: just don't copy and paste other people's work.
  • Advertisement: Guest posts should be valuable sources of information – not advertisements!


  • If for some reason your submission doesn’t reach our standards, we’ll provide you with input for improvement.
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