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We believe that sport gives our Waiheke High School students a chance to be fit, active and social within our school sporting codes and timetables.

For some students, it means participating in something new with friends or as individuals.

For others, it means training hard to excel in their sport to take their abilities further.

Either way, Waiheke High School aims to offer students options to enjoy sport in a recreational or competitive way - giving students those valuable life skills of discipline, sporting skills, commitment, a positive attitude and leadership.

We offer internal school sports competitions throughout the year, and also take teams and individuals over to Auckland to compete in central zone (years 7 and 8) and College Sport (years 9-13) one day tournaments and leagues.

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Waka Ama

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sport goals for Waiheke High School

Sport can be a huge part of our students' lives. Sport is something that not only gives an athlete skills - it also gives them character. This character can be performance and relationship driven, and a young person can have skills for life from their experience with sport at school. Our goals at the school are simple:

1. Improve dialogue with sports clubs on the Island so as to ensure our students know what sport is on offer throughout the year

2. To review and, if appropriate, increase the number of sports that are offered at the school.

3. Develop student and parent coaches

4. Maintain the strong Year 7-8 sport participation levels.

5. Raise Years 9 - 13 participation in inter house and college sport tournaments and leagues

6. Ensure that there is a flow of communication to parents as well as students, so that everyone is aware of the sport opportunities which exist for our students.


There are some basic expectations that we have of our students when it comes to sport at the school. We think that our school code of conduct reflects a simple mantra: commit to being a good human being!

1. Students are expected to give total commitment to their selected sport and should attend all training, games and competitions for the whole season.

2. Fees must be paid to the front office prior to attending an away fixture.

3. If a student is unable to attend a practice or match for whatever reason, they must notify the coach or manager as soon as possible.

4. Students must treat all opponents with respect and courtesy.

5. Students must respect all officials, coaches and managers and their decisions without gestures or argument.

6. Students will show that it is a privilege and an honor to represent Waiheke High School.

7. Students should recognize and applaud honestly and wholeheartedly the efforts of their teammates or opponents.

8. Students must show respect to their coaches and appreciation for the dedication of their spare time.