Our mission here at Warlords of Mordecai is to provide a simple, yet engaging turn based Role Playing game that is entertaining and accessible to game lovers of all ages and experience levels. As our game continues to grow and evolve, we hope to expand our reach into the hearts and homes of those who need a break from an ever consuming digital world.


Warlords of Mordecai features several playable heroes with a variety of weapons, armor, spells and curses designed to boost your damage and defeat your enemies. Team up with your friends and test your team’s mettle against a variety of unwieldy opponents. Acquiring new equipment with each turn, will allow you to build your hero in any manner you see fit. With several different weapon and armor types, each player can begin building their hero to fit multiple roles from meaty tank to unpredictable glass cannon. In Warlords of Mordecai, the choice is yours.


Players can battle in Player Vs. Player (PVP), and Player Vs. Non-Player (PVNP) combat. With the start of each turn, that player gains the chance of drawing a new Item, Curse, or One Use Only card. Because all players draw from the same deck, not every card may be of use to your character. All unwanted Item cards can be sold back and exchanged for a new random card. This method of recycling cards is a great way to obtain new items that boost your hero’s power, or learn new spells to use against your crafty opponents.

As players draw cards to upgrade their character, they may find themselves beginning to filling a certain role within their team. These roles consist of Damage Dealers, Support/Healers, and Tanks. Those who choose to become a Damage Dealers can output high amounts of damage, but typically lack in Health Points(HP). Those who would rather boost their team member’s abilities should choose a Healer/Support role which promotes healing with each turn at the cost of having mediocre HP and damage output. The final role, the Tank, is characterized by low damage, but above average health. Filling this role can provide your team with the necessary HP and special abilities needed to survive through impossible odds.

Because all players on one team share an HP total, your team composition can be made up of any combination of characters you see fit. There is no role requirement when designing your team, so players are encouraged to mix it up, and try a variety of Heros and role combinations. This flexible system allows players to choose the character they like and play how they want. While some configurations of characters and combat styles might work out better than others, there is no right answer when choosing who you want to play.


So why should you choose to play Warlords of Mordecai? Have you ever tried playing a new card game with a friend who excitedly tells you, “Don't worry, I’ll walk you through it.”? Let’s be honest, we all know where this ends up... Your friend more than likely just wanted someone to use as a training dummy for their impressive new set of playing cards. While you were left feeling frustrated, confused, and slightly abused. This is where Warlords of Mordecai differs. The one thing many card games lack is simplicity. They become too complicated and ward off new players. Our game is designed to be simple enough that anyone can play. Whether you’re a small child, or a great grandmother named Ethel, Warlords of Mordecai won’t leave you out. It’s simple gameplay will have even the most novice players slinging spells, and wielding warhammers within minutes.

Keeping the game simple allows for fun, quick games that give you just the right amount of entertainment, without putting the opposing players to sleep while they wait for their turn. The typical PVP games can last 5-10 minutes, while PVNP games last anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. These quick paced games are made possible by well balanced heros with appropriate health and damage conversions.

Warlords of Mordecai, like most role playing games, maintains a certain level of comfort through predictability of hero and role choices. Although, because of our unique card design, well-crafted items, and game altering spells, this combat will keep you on your toes throughout the entirety of each game. In Warlords of Mordecai, nothing is ever safe, your strategy must evolve, or you and your team might find yourselves fighting for survival.