Troop 408

Troop 408

Meets every Monday

from 7:00-8:30pm at

Trinity Lutheran Church - Gym

(405 Rush Street Roselle Il. 60172)

Committee Chairperson

Mrs. Maryann Grygiel: (630) 893-6647


Mr. Scott Williams: (630) 307-0531

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Upcoming Meetings:

10/23 - Patrol Organization and Flags 2

Permission slip due for camping at Camp Lowden and Raven's Grin

Popcorn orders due

10/30 - Halloween Party - bring snacks and costumes


Sign-up for :

October 20-22 - Camping, Point Beach State Forest, USS Cobia Submarine

Novemer 3-5 - Cabin Camping, Camp Lowden, Raven's Grin

November 11- Trinity Clinic

PermissionNote_ November_Outing.pdf

Tesomas Scout Camp

Tesomas Scout Camp is located approximately 10 miles from Rhinelander, in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Since 1935, Tesomas has been providing an outdoor program second to none. With approximately 1,200 acres, Tesomas prides itself on a commitment to excellence and the best customer service anywhere. The more than 70 staff members provide programs in ten different areas; serving everyone from the first year camper at Eagle Quest to the experienced in our Trek programs. Its straight “A” ratings for National Accreditation reaffirm that it is the place “Where camping is KING!”