Sean P Boyle, PhD

About me

I am passionate about conservation biology. I believe that the success of conservation and management initiatives is contingent on the combination of strong experimental design, adaptive management, and effective education and engagement programs.

My dissertation focused on the impact of roadways on wildlife, but I am broadly interested in the impacts of humans on wild populations as well as their natural history.

I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at Memorial University in the WEEL lab. The focus of my fellowship is an investigation of the relationship between abundance and occupancy, and its implications for conservation and wildlife management, especially in the context of moose.

I also love all manner of things outdoors including hunting, fishing and canoe trips. In my spare time I enjoy fencing and watching terrible movies.

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I recently completed my PhD in Boreal Ecology at Laurentian University.

For more information on the Biology department, the city of Subury, or my experiences as a grad student there, feel free to contact me.

I am currently working at Memorial University. My postdoc is focused on drivers of occupancy and abundance, especially those related to inter- and intraspecific interactions.