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SSA Uniforms

Please make sure you read and understand the SSA Team Uniform Policy and By Laws on uniforms found here. We have provided a brief review below.

  • All players must only wear SSA approved uniform kits (jerseys, shorts, and socks) at any and all sanctioned events (ie seeding games, league games, tournament games, etc). Friendly scrimmages and events such as “Halloween Season” tournaments do not apply to this policy as long as apparel is considered safe and appropriate by FIFA / CYSA / US Club policies.
  • The uniform colors of this Program shall be sky blue and white. The primary uniform worn when representing SSA shall be white (or blue) pants and sky blue jerseys. The alternative uniform when representing SSA shall be white pants and white shirt.
  • Uniforms shall be chosen by the Board of Directors. Any alternate uniform used by a SSA team must be approved by the Board of Directors or its designee.
  • Regular or alternate uniforms will have no name or logo other than an approved SSA and/or manufacturer’s logo unless approved by the Board of Directors.