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VAULTED SKIES is a book of snapshots focusing on the brief thoughts and glimpses that make up the "everyday-ness" of life.

Small hopes, small fears, small failures, little victories - threaded together - are the real journeys taken by women, men, children toward whatever heaven they hope for or whatever hell they dread.


poems by Martina Reisz Newberry

Where along an altered passageway shall Ms. Newberry’s reader, her interlocutor—her appraiser—find the home to which the book’s title refers…? In the writing. I must conclude that Ms. Newberry’s poetry is both the passageway and the home it seeks.

- William Connelly, author UNCONTESTED GROUNDS

These bittersweet poems mine new territory. These poems light the way.

- Alexis Rhone Fancher, author of HOW I LOST MY VIRGINITY TO MICHAEL COHEN

One poem claims, “I saved nothing,” but in this brave, tender book, Martina Reisz Newberry ministers to our pulled muscle of the soul and saves us, again and again.

- Francesca Bell, Poetry Editor, River Styx


from Deerbrook Editions:

About this book, Gerald Locklin (Poetry Editor: Chiron Review) says:

“…sexual and scriptural. Nothing is lost upon her.”

Robert Hedin (founder of Red Wing Center for the Arts, Red Wing Minnesota) says:

“Martina Reisz Newberry’s newest collection is nothing short of breathtaking.”

Albino Carrillo (Author of In The City of Smoking Mirrors) says:

“She reaches amazing levels of passion, her words are even and precise and put together organically, creating startling and beautiful vistas of life”

In this new collection, Martina Reisz Newberry addresses the dream-like quality of our lives. She says of this book:

I find myself, at this time of my maturity, in constant wonder at the way things which have previously seemed so real, become something like a book I once read or a movie I once saw. Please join me on this road trip of high strangeness, wonder, loneliness, love and…well, the whole damn thing.


With intense human vulnerability and wondrous irony, Newberry’s matter-of-fact,descriptive storytelling renders the poignant moments of life in an earnest tone that is both sensuous and nostalgic. WHERE IT GOES, altogether luminous and universal,relates us to one another, bringing us closer to a rich understanding of our world and ourselves.

∼ Anne Tammel, poet novelist


“…Newberry’s double-edged blade of memory is never less than finely honed. She understands that somewhere, everywhere, sooner or later it s a matter of physical, emotional, or psychic survival. In these poems you ll find no small share of humane deliverance one very human life at a time.

David Clewell, author of “Taken Somehow by Surprise: and “The Low End of Higher Things