Poultry Judging

Past Results:

  • 2017- 4th in State
    • Team- Taylor Scott, Kelley Ann Rice, Ashton Quarles, Hayden Elam

  • 2017- 4th in West TN
    • Team- Kelley Ann Rice, Emily Schneider, Hunter Elam, and Ashton Quarles
    • Alternates- Miller Countess, Preston Cline, Maryselle Lea, Taylor Scott, Cody Porter, Hayden Elam, Cody Bowen, Will Overstreet

  • 2016- 3rd in West TN
    • Team- Maryselle Lea, Cody Bowen, Kelley Ann Rice, Taylor Scott
    • Alternates- Emily Schneider, Gracey McIntyre

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Current News:

  • Done for the Year! Check out our results above!

The purpose of the FFA Poultry Evaluation Career Development Event (CDE) is to stimulate learning activities relative to production and management, processing, marketing, and consumption of poultry products.