About Us

Executive Board

President: Kai Brown ceapres@me.com

Bio: I moved to Sunnyvale at age 9 and started attending CUSD schools, then matriculated to FUHSD. After High School I moved to Northern California, “behind the redwood curtain”, to attended Humboldt State University where I studied Biology, German and Social Studies. After graduating I enrolled in Humboldt’s teacher credentialing program where I received my clear single subjects teaching credential. I started teaching in CUSD in 1994 at Cupertino Middle school then transferred to Kennedy Middle School. I became interested in being an active part of CEA in my fourth year of teaching and have served as a site rep., vice president, and president. I also served on our bargaining team before returning as CEA president.

Vice President: Mary Ann Cunningham mcunningham043@gmail.com

My first experience with CUSD was as a parent when my children attended Stocklmeir Elementary. My daughter went on to Cupertino Middle School and Homestead High School. My son, who has special needs, attended many schools and programs across the district, including Regnart, Dilworth, Eisenhower, Cupertino Middle School, Lawson Middle School, and then, he went on to Lynbrook High School. Both have since graduated.

Once I earned my BA in Child Development and teaching credential, I started teaching in CUSD and have been teaching in this district for 19 years. During my first three years, I was an ELD teacher at Muir Elementary. Then, I joined the regular program and taught at Muir for ten more years. After that, I moved to Stocklmeir Elementary and tried fourth grade for two years. But, I missed third grade, and that is the grade I’ve been teaching ever since. During the summers, I’ve also taught students from kindergarten to eighth grade, within and outside of CUSD, including ELD.

My purpose in joining CEA is to see if we could help increase communication between teachers and district personnel. In this ever complex world, teaching has becoming more demanding. However, I believe if we speak up and get involved, we can make positive changes that benefit all.

Treasurer: Susan Hansen susanfhansen@gmail.com

Bio: I have always admired the good work that is done by our CEA and I am now proud to serve as your CEA Treasurer.

This is my 15th year teaching at Cupertino Union School District where I teach 8th grade Science. I have taught grades 6-8 in many different subject areas including, Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, Social Studies, Journalism, Technology, Yearbook, and Exploratory Wheel.

I am a native of Santa Clara Valley where I attended elementary school in Sunnyvale and high school in Santa Clara. I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering. Ten years after graduating from CAL, I completed my M.S. in Electrical Engineering at Santa Clara University. After 20 years of working in technology and volunteering as frequently as I could in my own children's classrooms, I decided that I wanted to work with kids and grow new scientists, so I made a career change to teaching.

Secretary: Katie Burnette burnette_katie@yahoo.com

Bio: I grew up in Palo Alto, graduated from Gunn HS, earned a BA in Child Development from San Jose State (go Spartans!), and a teaching credential from National University. I have been either a representative or the secretary in CEA since I began teaching in the fall of 1998.

Communications Director: We Need You!

Primary Director: Megan Simpson

Upper Director and State Council Representative: Ruth Eller rutheller@sbcglobal.net

Bio: I have been teaching for over 34 years. I started out at private school but moved to Lincoln at CUSD in 1996. At Lincoln I first taught primary SDC, but after 4 years moved back to my first love...4th grade! As a former private school teacher, I was given no say in my contract so when I moved to CUSD, I was immediately amazed that teachers were given a say, because of union bargaining! I could hardly believe that there were rules the district had to abide by! For example, at the private school, staff meetings were every week and could be as long as 2 hours! So I immediately started attending CEA meetings, then I became a Lincoln CEA rep, then the lead rep. For the last 3 years I have been the upper elementary director and serve on the CEA Eboard.

I remain passionate about teaching and passionate about CEA!

Middle School Director: Kim James

Special Education Director: Helen Sung

State Council Representative: Brian Davenport davenport.brian.cta@gmail.com

Bio: I have been a social science and language arts teacher at Hyde Middle School for 18 years. At CTA’s State Council, I act as an advocate and voice for our association’s membership, participating on the Financing Public Education Committee. I am passionate about preparing kids for the future and teaching them skills that they’ll carry on beyond the school environment. I am an advocate for the rights of teachers and academic freedom.

I started teaching in 1998 in East Palo Alto and joined Cupertino in 2000 and have been at Hyde since. I have taught 7th and 8th grade language arts and History as well as ELD, crafts, and typing. I have served as a site rep, treasurer, middle school director, and state council representative as well as serving as an NEA representative. I do not remember the first year I got involved with CEA but best guess is around 2004 or 2005.

Bargaining Committee

Team Lead: Kate Lee k8lee6@gmail.com

Bio: I started teaching in the district, and Regnart, in 2004 teaching fourth and third grade. Prior to teaching at Regnart, I was a CUSD parent of three at both Regnart and Kennedy. I have serve CEA as a Regnart Site Rep and was member of the Peer Advisory Review Board for several years. For the last two years I have also served on the Bargaining Team and helped develop the Climate Survey. I was Communications Director last year, and this year I am our Primary Director, Lead on our Bargaining Team, and representing CEA on the Budget Advisory Committee. When I'm not teaching or serving CEA, I enjoy doing yoga, hiking, learning guitar, and spending time with my family.

Joyce Fischer

Anu Iyer: anuiyer21@gmail.com

Anu has been a teacher with CUSD since 2009; however, her connections with the district go back to when she attended Collins Elementary and Miller Middle School as a student. She has experience teaching 7th and 8th grade science at Kennedy & Lawson Middle Schools. Anu served as a school site rep prior to becoming the CEA Communications Director from 2012-2015. Starting in 2016, Anu has been representing CEA members on the Negotiations Team. She was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award in 2017 at Lawson Middle School. When Anu is not teaching, she enjoys being a foodie, working out, trying new recipes, traveling, Netflix, and spending time with family and friends.

Winnie Jiang: Wxjiang79@yahoo.com

My name is Winnie Jiang, I started teaching with the Cupertino Union School District in 2004. The first five years at Meyerholz Elementary, and now my eighth year at Stocklmeir Elementary. I am currently teaching 5th grade. I started serving CEA as a bargaining representative in 2016.

Jenna Clarke: jaws2125@gmail.com

This is my eleventh year with Cupertino Union School District. I have taught fourth, third, and kindergarten at Stocklmeir School. Outside of school I like to spend time with my three young children. This year I represent our schools at the joint collaborative meetings, the budget advisory, and contract negotiations.

CTA Advisory: TBD

Health and Welfare Committee

Rob Hodges rhodges68@gmail.com

Bio: I was born and raised in San Jose. I have been active in CEA as a representative for almost all the years I've taught in CUSD. I have has taught grades K-6 both in CUSD and in the state of Georgia. I have also taught special education, music and spent two years as a technology specialist helping teachers incorporate technology into their curriculum. The favorite highlight of my career was being one of the original creators of Murdock-Portal here in Cupertino back in the mid 1990s.

When I'm not teaching, I'm active in community theater and serve on the board of a new Silicon Valley theater group. When not spending my nights rehearsing, I like to curl up with a good book and my rescue dog, Burnsie. I also enjoy playing the piano and spending time with family and friends.

Jocelyn Su jocsu_1@yahoo.com

Bio: With almost 20 years of teaching experience, Jocelyn Su has worked for CUSD for over 16 years. She’s passionate about primary and has taught K-3 at DeVargas, Nimitz, and West Valley. She is currently teaching TK at Regnart. With a BA in Sociology, a specialization in Education, and MA in Instructional Technology, this UCLA and SJSU alumnus has served on many district committees, has been awarded Teacher of the Year twice, and continues to enjoy serving on the Health and Welfare Committee. When she’s not doing something teaching related, you can find her traveling internationally with her husband and young children, doing yoga, baking, and reading non-fiction books.

Chis Roels c.roels@comcast.net

Bio: My name is Chris Roels. I'm a 2/3 teacher at Murdock-Portal Elementary School. I live in Cupertino, and I'm married with two young kids (my son is a student at Eaton Elementary School!) I've worked in the district since 1998, and I've served CEA in some capacity since that first year as a teacher! I have had the privilege of being a site representative, a CEA treasurer for two terms, a CEA grade level representative, and now a Health & Welfare Committee representative for the last seven years. I believe that the health and well-being of all us, and our families, is critical to our ability to perform our jobs well and have an active and fulfilling life outside the classroom. I am always available to respond to your health and welfare questions; you can reach me at c.roels@comcast.net if you need my help.


PAC Chair: Steve Greenfield greenfield100s@yahoo.com

Bio: Steven Greenfield grew up in Cupertino, attended Hoover Elementary, Kennedy Jr. High, and Monta Vista High Schools. He was actively involved in baseball, football, soccer, and track. He later received a BS in Business Administration through West Valley Community College and San Jose State University, and then went back to school to received his teaching credential from Santa Clara University.

As the father of three daughters, that have attended Cupertino schools, he has a unique perspective as a parent but also as a former student and educator. He has been an avid volunteer within CUSD, chairman of two school site councils, elected to the home and school club board at their elementary school, and was chairman for several major fundraisers.

Steve started out in 2003 as a substitute teacher within CUSD and it was from these experiences that he sought his credential. After receiving his credential in 2006, he continued substituting throughout the district in various grades. He received his first teaching assignment in 2010 at Stocklmeir, working with a wonderful 2nd grade team. His current assignment is teaching the core subjects language arts and social sciences at Miller Middle School, 6th grade. Steve started out as the site rep for Stocklmeir and is also currently the rep for Miller Middle School. He took on the responsibility as PAC Chair in 2016.


Secretary: Janice Hagerbaumer janiceh@ceaweb.org


1960 – 61 – South Shore Lake Tahoe – 1st grade – spent a lot of time taking boots on and off!

1961 – 1970 Serra School Cupertino – 1st and 3rd grades – taught across from Pat DeMarlo. Tile bathrooms right next door – Pat and I banged on the tile walls of the bathroom with a yard stick and yelled “Everyone out” when it got to noisy!

1971 – 1974 – Grant School, CUSD. 4th grade. Not there anymore – all houses! Dale Doty Principal – loved it!

1974 – 1977 – Murdock School, CUSD, 5th grade. Team taught with Mariana Alwell. Didn’t like her at first sight. Ended up team teach for 34 years! Shows you about first impressions.

1974 - Became a Rep

1976 - Participated in the strike for binding arbitration – before that district did not have to follow the contract.

1977 – 2008 – Garden Gate, CUSD 5th and 6th grade – team taught with Mariana Alwell. Known at that time as “Garbage Gate” . Helped with a great turn around for the school. Loved that school!! Served on too many committees to remember – was Lead Teacher for Language Arts for several years. Was also Lead Teacher for 6th grade for several years. (Wish we still had that).

2002 – 2008 – President of CEA

2008 – Retired

2009 – Flunked retirement and went to work as Office Secretary for CEA. Still there!