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Non Work Days on 2 Staff Learning Days MOU

New 2017-18 Rigby Requirements

Bargaining Page (includes Tentative Agreements, MOUs, Bargaining Slideshow as presented at Garden Gate on 9/6)

If you are under investigation, put on administrative leave, or sexually harassed please contact the CEA office immediately.

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September Updates

Important Dates

September 5

  • Ballots go out for ratifying TA's and By Laws. Members need to vote.

September 6

  • Bargaining Update Presentation
  • 4 PM
  • Garden Gate

September 18 (click to see flyer)

  • Primary TK-3 Meeting
  • 4 PM
  • CEA Office

September 19th

  • Deadline for site reps to return ballots.

September 26th

  • School Board votes on TA's to become part of our contract (if our members successfully vote for it)

Membership Form

Please take 5 seconds to fill out the membership form. This form will allow your site reps and CEA communications director to get in touch with you regarding updates and CEA news. A link to the form is below, or you can find the form if you scroll down on this page.


By Laws & TA (Tentative Agreements)

The Tentative Agreement will be ratified through ballots in the next couple of weeks. Ballots go out on the 5th of September with copies of the TA's and By Laws Changes. The deadline to return ballots is September 19th. Please be sure to view the by laws (your site rep should have a copy of the Tentative Agreements. It can also be viewed on the CEA website after September 6th).

Membership Cards

You should have received your CTA card from your site rep. Please take a picture of it on your phone so you always have your CTA number! As a CTA member, you are eligible for many discounts. Please check out the "CTA resources" tab on our website (www.ceaweb.org) for more information on these various discounts!

If any information is incorrect, please return the attached portion of your CTA card to your site rep.

CEA President Site Visits

Please check out the calendar on our website to know when Kai will be visiting your site.

new CEA website!

Last September, Anu Iyer and I developed a list of what we wanted a CEA website to provide for our members.

  • a resource and communication link for members
  • easily accessible for CEA to update
  • more informative, visual, friendly, and easy to use
  • fit our union's needs
  • an economical use of our members' dues

We decided to use Google Sites. After creating our initial navigation and layout together, I continued to build the site and complete the content. Now, I'm calling it "DONE!" Please fill out the comment form later on this page if you think of something you would like to see us add to the site. Anu will continue to improve and update the website as our CEA Communications Director this year. It was an honor to serve you last year. Have a great 2017-18!

Kate Lee Communications Director 2016-17

Please fill out the Member Information Form below (or at this link)

Filling this out gives you access to specific surveys and news. It will help CEA protect your rights, create greater equity, improve your working conditions, and ensure your voice is heard. CEA maintains privacy of your personal information.

President's Message

2017 - 2018

Welcome back to school. I hope you have had a restful and recuperative summer. I would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr. Craig Baker, our new superintendent. CEA was fortunate to have a seat on the superintendent selection committee this summer and look forward to working with Dr. Baker in the coming years. I will be visiting all school sites this year and I look forward to seeing all of you. Please check the calendar section of our website for the date of my visit. I hope you all have a great start to the new year.

Kai K. Brown President Cupertino Education Association

Cupertino Educators Association: CEA

10011 N. Foothill Blvd, #107 Cupertino, CA 95014

(408) 257-2122 cea@ceaweb.org

Comment Form

Member Information Form

Bargaining 2016-17

Our first meeting of the year with CUSD was held on 12/13/16. Read more...

CEA and CUSD uses interest based bargaining in our negotiations. What is it and how does it work? Read more..

Treasurer's Report

In order to ensure transparency and accountability, we want to make sure our members understand how their dues are being used. Read more...

Know your Rights


“If an employee has a reasonable belief that discipline or other adverse consequences may result from what he or she says, the employee has the right to request union representation. When the employee makes the request for a union representative to be present management has three options:" Read more...

Injury by student

Ed Code 44014. (a) Whenever any employee of a school district or of the office of a county superintendent of schools is attacked, assaulted, or physically threatened by any pupil, it shall be the duty of the employee, and the duty of any person under whose direction or supervision the employee is employed in the public school system who has knowledge of the incident, to promptly report the incident to the appropriate law enforcement authorities of the county or city in which the incident occurred. Failure to make the report shall be an infraction punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000). Read more...


Harassment is a form of employment discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, (ADEA), and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, (ADA).

Harassment is unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. Harassment becomes unlawful where 1) enduring the offensive conduct becomes a condition of continued employment, or 2) the conduct is severe or pervasive enough to create a work environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile, or abusive. Read more...


Generally a grievance is a violation of a specific provision of the contract, past practice, written policy or settlement agreement.

Your union contract provides a mechanism for you to make sure your employer abides by the contract. That mechanism is the grievance procedure (Article 10). When an employer violates a provision of the contract, union members have a right to file a grievance.

Whenever we let an employer violate the contract without challenging them, we are weakening the contract for all members—it sends a message that we will not enforce the contract. Read more...

CEA Teachers' Strike 1970s

CEA: HISTORY & Mission

Why Our Union Matters,

And Why You Matter To Us

Did you know there was a time in our district, not so long ago, that even though teachers had a union, we had no contract? Teachers had no right to bargain working conditions, evaluations, teaching hours, class size, or even having a phone in their classroom. It's true! CUSD teachers had to organize and actually go on strike to get the rights they deserved, and the education their students deserved.


being a teacher:

It's more than just a job

Essays that give voice to teachers around the United States. If you would like to share your voice on our website, please contact our Communications Director.

Unless you are speaking to another teacher, it is almost impossible to explain to someone why we do what we do. Julie Pickhaver, Providence Public Schools Read more...

To remember the forgotten, to feel, to share, to dance in celebration, to pass into the shadows, to teach. Joseph Murphy, Vanderbilt University Read more...

The Dues and Don'ts of Union Dues

If you want to start a lively discussion, bring up the subject of either taxes or union dues. In fact, the two are very similar. Many of us complain about paying taxes, but deep down we know that if we don’t pay taxes, many of the things we depend on every day will fall apart.