This is the Initiative to build a talent pool of engineering students equipped with knowledge and experience to be industry-ready or to startup on their own. The beneficiaries will be engineering students of SRiX partner / associate colleges. They will undergo a 5-week program, in which there will be different stages to pass and milestones to achieve. This program focuses on the theme of IoT related ideas and products. At the end of 5th week each of the teams will be presenting their products or solutions.

Student Selection Process

  1. Online Application
  2. Short listing the candidates for a Series

Building Student Startup Team

  1. The shortlisted candidates are formed as a Multidisciplinary Team– Electronics, Electrical, Computers Science, Mechanical Engineering and MBA students.
  2. In addition to the candidates, a faculty will be selected (voluntary signup) to work with teams for the guidance and support.
  3. Assigning the problem statement defined by Industry to the teams.
  4. Each team will be given 5 weeks for building the minimum viable product for given problem statement with mentoring support.
  5. Successful Start-up teams will be taken to Next Level and supported on production.

Program Design:

Product Innovation Lab is designed to be executed in Series mode. The first Series named as Series 1 has five teams working. The optimum size of a Series is estimated as 10 teams. Each team consists of one student each from ECE, EEE, CSE, Mech, MBA along with one faculty guide. The plan is to enroll teams from colleges all over the region. The five week work schedule is planned with interactive sessions and reviews with/by SRiX team and product building/making activities.

Details of Five Week Work Schedule

A tightly orchestrated program with weekly interaction sessions and planned interventions for teams to go though the product development cycle.

Week 1: Ideation of The Product / Solution

Week 2: Design and Development

Week 3: Design and Development

Week 4: Integration and Testing

Week 5: Product Delivery

End of the 5th week Product Demo Day

Each week will begin with an orientation session explaining the objectives, process and deliverable along with learning materials. And it will end with a review of the deliverable such as a worksheet or product review.

Interventions during the week with SRiX team , guides and mentors to clarify doubts, ensure plan follow-through and corrective actions happen as required. Schedule will be shared at the beginning of the Series.


Narsimulu Cinasi

Manager -Technology & ESDM Centre

Mr. A. Rajeshwar Rao

Asst.Professor, ECE Dept.
SR Engineering College

Sisir Chandra Jonna

Navariti Innovation.

Ramsha Karampuri

Asst. Professor,EEE Dept.      
SR Engineering College.