Mrs. Zaragoza


My name is Kendra Zaragoza, but my students call me Mrs. Z. I have been teaching full time since fall of 2012.

I was born, and have lived most of my life, in California. My home for the last 30+ years has been Stockton. I am married (to Ed) and have two children (Ben and Lexi).

I graduated from Bear Creek High School and attended Delta College, CSU Fresno, and obtained my Masters degree from Brandman University. I love school, and feel that learning never ceases, regardless if you are enrolled in school.

I started my teaching career in 2012 at Lincoln High School. Since 2015 I have taught at Village Oaks High School. I teach Study Skills and English and also have had the opportunity to teach Orientation to our new students who transfer in from other schools.

I have many strengths, but I feel my biggest asset is my outgoing personality. I enjoy joking with my students and sharing my experiences with them to help them see that they are not the only ones who go through struggles in life. Showing my students that being yourself is cool, and it doesn't matter what other people think as long as you are happy is a lesson that many teens need to learn. This is most evident when I attend school dances and make a complete fool of myself on the dance floor. We have fun in my classroom, but we also work hard. This balance is important in life, and practicing it now will lead to success in the future.

My passion for learning is something that I try to pass onto my students. I also strive to teach my students that they can achieve whatever they want regardless of their academic ability. Many students struggle with school, but that does not mean they cannot achieve greatness with a little extra time and effort.