Mr. Davis

My name is Michael Davis and I am a high school English teacher at Village Oaks High School.

A bit about myself: I was born In Redwood City, CA. I lived in and around the bay until about 7th grade when I moved with my family to Elk Grove.

After graduating from Laguna Creek High School in Elk Grove I attended C.S.U.S. and earned my bachelors degree in English with a specific concentration on secondary instruction. I am currently working on getting my master's in instructional technology at Fort Hays State University.

I have been working in and around the classroom for the past 9 years. I spent my first two years teaching at a small charter school in Stockton known as I.B.M.L. I transitioned to a full time teacher at Sture Larsson which became Village Oaks High School in 2011.

I have spent the past 7 years working with the students of Sture Larsson/Village Oaks High School in Stockton, CA. I currently teach English, Theater, and Directed Studies.

My wife Ashley and I live in Elk Grove with our two kids, Ben and Logan. Our passions include frequent family trips (especially to Disneyland!)

I love my job and I love working with my students!

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