Center for Sustainability 

"I feel like living in the most sustainable way possible makes me a better Christian Scientist, because it's a living prayer for the world."  ~ Principia College Student

Principia is one of a growing cadre of colleges and universities taking the challenge of sustainability education seriously. By promoting an understanding of the fundamental linkages between ecological, political, social, and economic systems - and inspiring students to think critically about the diversity of ethical issues raised by human interactions with the environment - we prepare students to take the lead in solving some of the most important challenges of their generation. 

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FAQ & Commitments

"Sustainability is mission-driven, and should be taught across the curriculum. The desire is to have students and staff members develop as change agents for a more sustainable world and for Principia to live and operate sustainably." ~ Principia Strategic Plan 2015-2020

"The Principia shall dedicate its service to the task of training its students to think — and to think clearly, vigorously, fearlessly, tolerantly, unselfishly." ~ Policy 6, Education at The Principia

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Principia College is a community of practice, where joy-filled and Spirit-based service and shared responsibility for our campus home - and our global village - are encouraged, enabled, and celebrated. We welcome you!