Princeton Pantry

Thank you Twice New Clothing and Treasures

The Pantry Reclamation site would like to thank Twice New Clothing and Treasures for their donation for us to purchase the needed 2 freezers.  Thank you for supporting us in so many ways. 

Pastor Bob Wins Distinguished Service Award

When, the Princeton Ambassador Program honored volunteers in our community, the Princeton Pantry honored Pastor Bob with the Founders Award for working with Pantry in many aspects since the Pantry started in 1981. We so appreciate what Pastor Bob does for us at the Pantry.

How to Give

Thank you Princeton! Because of you in 2022:

The Food Shelf served 4,983 individuals

The Mall/Fresh Market served 22,890 individuals

Thank you to the Princeton Chamber of Commerce for the donations through Light Up Princeton.

Thank you to the volunteers who provided 5,802 hours of time

Thank you for donations of food from individuals and from our local businesses.

Thank you for all your support both financial and in kind.

Hours Mon and Wed 1-3 and Fri. 1-9 am. . 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Princeton Pantry is to provide sufficient quantities of quality nutritionally balanced food to serve those in need. This will be accomplished by gathering and sharing information, ideas, and resources; by working jointly on issues of importance to food shelves. The Princeton Pantry will also take an active role in community education around hunger and poverty issues to include food and nutrition programs.

Money Gives More to the Pantry

Cash or check donations allow the pantry to purchase food items they are unable to accept from food donations, such as produce, meat, and dairy. Cash donations are also stretched, meaning every dollar donated will result in four pounds of food for the pantry. Lastly, cash doesn’t spoil or expire, so it can be used throughout the year.

6th Avenue Location

Here we provide groceries for families in need that live in the area of the Princeton School District. All families are able to use the Pantry once per month. We give our clients approximately five days worth of food as well as holiday meal baskets at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Location

Rum River Plaza Location

At this location, we provide dairy, produce, bakery and other items that have donated by the local grocery stores. Our clients can use this facility as often as three times per week. Location

Contact Us

Princeton Pantry - 104 6th Avenue South - Princeton, MN 55371 - 763-631-3578 - Pastor Bob Hasinfelt, President - 763-389-2777

Reclamation Center / Fresh Market - 763-220-5199