Penobscot River
Educational Partnership

A Maine Educational Collaborative

Creating Opportunities

Professional Development

Advancing the Profession

The Penobscot River Educational Partnership (PREP) is an action-centered collaborative focused on enhancing the learning of PK-12 students by continually improving teaching and the educational experience. The various PK-12 and higher education partners work to jointly prepare and contribute significantly to the professional development of teachers.

PREP is home to:

*2024 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year
*2022 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year
*2021 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year
*2020 Maine Curriculum Leader of the Year
*2021 Maine Educators of the Gifted & Talented Outstanding Educator
*2021 Maine Instructional Coach of the Year
*2021 Hancock County Teacher of the Year
*2020 Penobscot County Teacher of the Year
*2019 Penobscot County Teacher of the Year
*2021 Maine Teacher of the Year & Penobscot County T.O.Y.
*2019 Piscataquis County Teacher of the Year
*2021 Waldo County Teacher of the Year, Maine T.O.Y. Finalist
*2021 Washington County Teacher of the Year

The rapid pace of change and innovation in education, the challenge of identifying scarce resources for teaching and learning, and the persistent social demands for more effective schools require that educators blur the institutional boundaries that have historically existed. Only through identifying common needs and sharing resources can schools and universities meet the expectations of our society. 

*Partnership organization and development
*Preparation and support of pre-service and practicing educators
*Identification of common needs and strengths
*Cooperative planning for grants, resources, and programs
*Enhanced use of technology for teaching and learning
*State/national standards and policy compliance
*Standards-based curriculum design and assessment
*Strategic planning and evaluation
*Effectiveness and efficiency in our organizations

The Vision

The ultimate purpose of the PREP Partnership is to advocate for quality public education while improving learning opportunities for all stakeholders.  We will achieve this through collaboration by:

*Providing professional development for all stakeholders: including educators, support staff, administrators, and school boards;
*Supporting systematic inquiry and research which addresses critical issues of teaching and learning and informs the work of the partners managing resources and educational policies;
*Monitoring, evaluating, and supporting promising innovations in the field of public education, business, and public policy;
*Leveraging regional partnerships to maximize efficiencies for the delivery of public education services; and
*Advocating the work of the PREP Partnership to legislators and legislative bodies.