Premium GoSmart Group

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“Emerging the markets with PPE products of highest quality and lowest prices”

Premium GoSmart Group is a fast moving trader established since 2017 based in Egypt carrying out more than 25 years of experience from professional experts with deep depth knowledge in personal protective equipment (PPE) trading, and also Light Current Solutions design, build and installations of smart safety.

Premium is dedicated for supplying fit-for-purpose personal protective equipment & clothing to fulfill our individual customers’ requirements.

Premium has expanded our capabilities and product range to integrate the supply of related and branded promotional items & clothing due to a worldwide developing marketplace. This leading position drives us to maintain our superiority.

The main focus of our activities is therefore on people; therefor we offer outstanding products and services. In this spirit, we promise your safety first stands for maximum security at work environment. We strive to continuously expand our competencies to improve our operational functions by investing in product portfolio and human capital.

Our stylish and dependable products’ offering are geared towards complete customer satisfaction and building beneficial long-term relationships with all of our clients. We serve small, medium & large corporate, private & public sector clients in the safety & security, construction, engineering, mining industry, petroleum industry etc.

Premium GoSmart Group is a company which puts safety first