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“Emerging the markets with PPE products of highest quality and lowest prices”

نغير مفهوم السلامة المهنية

حماية كاملة- راحة قصوي - قوة تحمل متناهية

لأن أمن العامل والمهندس هم أهم استثمار في الوقت الحالي

ونحن نتشرف بحمل هذه المسؤلية


Premium GoSmart Group is a fast-moving general trader based in Egypt carrying out more than 10 years of experience from professional experts with a deep depth knowledge in personal protective equipment (PPE) trading, design, build, installations, and commissioning.

Premium GoSmart Group is dedicated for supplying fit-for-purpose personal protective equipment (PPE) to fulfil our customers’ requirements. We had expanded our capabilities and increase the range of products that we are dealing, and because of this we are in a leading position and drive us to maintain our superiority.

Premium GoSmart Group serve small, medium & large corporates, private & public sector clients in almost all industries such as construction, engineering, factories, cement, vehicles, mines, mills, ceramic, petroleum, oil and gas, food and beverage … and much more etc.

Premium GoSmart Group provides a comprehensive range of products catering to various industries and applications needs in the market place. Premium GoSmart Group provides the best and right products for our customers by delivering high quality products and safety solutions.

Premium GoSmart Group is keen to offer the best Products and services to our clients, provide the finest working environment for our employees, and deliver the highest value to our shareholders.