Muttart Foundation 65th Anniversary

To mark its 65th anniversary, MacEwan University's Conservatory of Music is delighted to partner with the Muttart Foundation in a series of concerts that will make good use of Muttart Hall, one of a small number of venues named in memory of Gladys and Merrill Muttart for whom philanthropy was an important part of supporting the communities that had supported them.

Muttart Hall was built in 1992, and is also home to the Muttart Steinway, a magnificent 9-foot concert grand piano donated to the Conservatory of Music, in recognition of the joint celebration of the Foundation's 50th anniversary.

Throughout 2018, the Conservatory will have the opportunity to expand outreach music programs, teacher-training programs and help fund a concert series to celebrate the sapphire anniversary. We look forward to your support of music education and local artists in our community.

Upcoming Events

The Muttart Foundation 65th Anniversary concert series will be hosted at the Muttart Hall located on the main floor of the downtown Alberta College Campus at 10050 MacDonald Drive, unless otherwise noted.

July 12, 12 PM | Summer Concert COMING SOON

The Conservatory of Music hosts numerous events throughout the year featuring instructors, students and special guests performing live in an intimate setting. Explore our upcoming concerts and public performances that highlight classical and contemporary talent and support our concert series that encourage student performance opportunities.

Past Events

February 16 | Emerging Artists Concert

The Emerging Artist Concert featured some of Edmonton’s best music students currently studying at the post secondary level. Students performed classical and contemporary pieces from the University of Alberta, MacEwan University's Jazz Program, Concordia University, King’s University and MacEwan’s Conservatory of Music.

March 25, 2 PM | President's Gala Concert

This President’s Gala is in celebration of our new President of MacEwan University, Dr. Deborah Saucier. The concert will feature prominent members of MacEwan’s Conservatory of Music performing a diverse program of classical music. Enjoy incredible solo pieces and an enchanting quintet of piano and strings.

May 6, 2 PM | Peter and the Wolf Children's Concert

Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and The Wolf was created to introduce children to the instruments of the orchestra. Each character in the tale is represented by a corresponding instrument in this Woodwind Quintet arrangement: the bird by a flute, the duck by an oboe, the cat by a clarinet, the grandfather by a bassoon, the wolf by horn, and Peter and the hunters by the quintet ensemble. Music with narration will be performed with beautiful illustrations by Peter Malone. Bring your child to this magical performance by the Conservatory of Music faculty!

If you are interested in bringing this concert to a school please contact

June 2, 7:30 PM | The Muttart Foundation 65th Anniversary Concert: Angela Cheng Piano Recital

The Muttart Foundation’s 65th anniversary concert featured Angela Cheng's renowned talent. A former student at the Conservatory of Music, Angela Cheng is an orchestral soloist, recitalist and chamber musician. She has appeared with more than 100 orchestras around the world and is known for her remarkable technique, tonal beauty and insightful musicianship.

Building the Music Community

To continue the year long celebration, the Muttart Foundation will support music outreach programs to provide affordable music education and music teacher training programs to build new expertise and engagement to the local Edmonton community.

English as an Additional Language Choir

Funded by Muttart Foundation in honour of their 65th anniversary, this choir is open to all students, staff, and faculty at MacEwan University with a focus on learning English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Music in Early Childhood Outreach

For over 30 years, we have been introducing small groups of active pre-school children to the world of music through this Kodály based music literacy program. We will be expanding this program into communities with limited resources and access to build a stronger network and appreciation of music.

We will be offering our first Spring outreach session at the Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre.

Concert Connections

Thanks to the sponsorship from the Muttart Foundation we were able to attend several elementary schools and bring the Peter and the Wolf classical concert to educate, entertain and enlighten music spirits.