Data Literacy with, for, and by Youth

Exploring How Teens Co-Design After-School Programs as Sites of Critical Data Practice

About the project

Young people need to be prepared to navigate the cyber-infrastructure of the 21st century, making critical data literacy for teens an area of growing importance. Today's young people, more than any previous generation, have a personal stake in their ability to function with data. Future job prospects might hinge on their ability to participate in the new data economy. But equally, young people are themselves the subjects of data science. With the datafication of young peoples' lives, it is critical to empower them to take charge of their data lives, from data creation to data use.

With the active participation of young people, the project aims to design, build, and test a prototype for youth-oriented data literacy activities, for use in after-school STEM programs at the public library. 

Research questions guiding the project:

How can critical data literacy be supported within the context of the public library and in ways that speak to young people? 

How can co-design activities with teens support meaningful learning about data at the public library?

What do the designs and artifacts created by young people say about their sustained engagement and learning with regard to critical data literacy? 

Funded by the National Science Foundation. Data Literacy with, for, and by Youth: Exploring How Teens Co-Design After-School Programs as Sites of Critical Data Practice. Investigators: Leanne Bowler, Mark Rosin, Irene Lopatovska (Award #2005608) 

For questions or more information about this project, please contact: Leanne Bowler: lbowler [at]

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