Welcome to Duniway

Virtual Kindergarten Connect

Thank you so much for those who were able to make it to Kindergarten Connect. If you were not able to make it to the event, here is the link to the recording.

How to Register for Kindergarten

Please do all the following before June 1, 2021 so we can confirm classroom placement.

  1. Online PPS enrollment; During the online enrollment process you will be prompted to attach two proofs of address and a photo or scanned copy of birth certificate or passport.

  2. Duniway Kindergarten questionnaire

Complete and email the following to Stephanie O'Malley:

  1. Immunization Records

  2. If you did not upload 2 proofs of address and a photo or scanned copy of the birth certificate or passport please email these items.

Introduction to Duniway

Hear from Mr. Goldstein the principal at Duniway Elementary

Take a tour of Duniway

Take a tour of our building.

See what kindergarten is doing this year

Hear a story

Make art

Hear a story

Want more information and not ready to enroll, email Stephanie O'Malley at stomalley@pps.net