Roseway Heights Middle School

Wellness Center

Wellness Team Mission Statement:

· Through an equity lens, the Wellness Team aligns with the school’s mission to support all student's personal achievement in academic, career and social/emotional development.

Wellness Team

Our team includes two full time and one half time School Counselors, a full time Qualified Mental Health Provider and one full time school social worker. We work closely with our Student Intervention Team, Attendance Team and Special Education Team to address the needs of our all students and families. We use a collaborative approach, drawing upon the expertise and special interests of our team.

Services we provide:

  • academic support and guidance for students and parents

  • crisis counseling and suicide assessment

  • referrals for mental health services

  • high school transition

  • college and career preparation

  • referrals to alternative schools

  • 504 Plan case management

  • small group counseling

Randee Startin

School Counselor

7th grade

College of Southern Nevada

Nevada State College

Lewis & Clark College

Jennifer Coomes

School Counselor

8th Grade &
504 Coordinator

B.A. in Art and Psychology

San Diego State University

M.Ed. in School Counseling

Lewis & Clark College

Kate Sherwood

School Social Worker

Requesting resources/support

During these unique times it is important to remember that we are resilient beings and that all of our feelings are valid. This link is to a list of apps that can help students manage their feelings.

What is school counseling?

The mission of comprehensive school counseling in Oregon is to provide developmental and systematic support to each and every student to ensure the academic, career, social/emotional development and achievement, and support participation in the broader community. Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (CSCPs) are proactive and preventative. CSCPs enhance learning by assisting students to acquire critical skills for lifelong learning and success. CSCPs embrace professional standards and models for best practice in the field. Comprehensive school counseling programs provide an array of interventions and supports for students. These are delivered collaboratively with school staff, families, and members of the community to provide seamless transitions to each student’s next steps. The goal is that each student will leave the pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade system with the skills and knowledge to live, learn, work, and contribute in both local and global communities. (Oregon’s Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, 2018)