Below will be a list of the individual General Transportation (GT) routes (AM, PM, Extended Day, Other) that service this school site. If the box on this webpage is empty then there are no routes servicing this school.

Snow Routes.

Snow routes can be found further down this webpage but only if the school has terrain that requires "snow routes".

General Transportation (GT) Routes

The route name for a school is differentiated by a three character school name abbreviation. Examples include; ACCESS @ Lane is "ACL"; Beamont is "BMT"; and "OCG" is Ockley Green.

Each route has a unique three digit number that has been historically used with that route, but does change from time to time based upon bus capacity and timing.

The morning inbound path is designated with a "-A", the afternoon home path is designated with a "-P" and extended day services (after school) are designated with a "-X".

Note the date typed into the file name. This is the first day the route will run using the listed stops and times. We call this the "effective date".

Please call PPS Transportation Services at 503-916-6901 or email at transportation@pps.net if you have any questions.