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Online Learning is a great option for some students and can be the educational fit that allows students to go from educationally enduring to excelling. When students and families are deciding between learning platforms, there are benefits and challenges of online learning to be considered.


Students and families enjoy the flexibility and convenience of courses that can be taken from any location Online learning allows scheduling to accommodate health, athletic, job and family circumstances

Online learning can be completed in whatever setting the student finds comfortable. Distractions caused by social anxiety are mitigated.

Within parameters appropriate to grade level, students can move faster or slower through their coursework. They can pace according to their individual needs.

Students gain more experience using the 21st century technology tools used in college and in the workplace.

Important life skills like discipline, problem-solving and time management are developed and refined daily in the online learning environment.

Course content is not limited by physical teacher availability or fiscal responsibilities. Students can access a wide range of courses that interest them.


Students who are new to the online environment or who have lower motivation and drive may fall behind or get confused.

In online learning, there are minimal physical interactions between students and teachers and between students and peers.

Without a consistent internet connection for students, there can be a lack of continuity in learning. A strong internet connection is a must for a successful online education experience.

Focusing on a screen for long periods of time can be difficult.

In a physical classroom, a student can raise their hand for quick help when needed. In an online setting, an email or chat message must be sent and the response will not always be instant and even take up to 1 business day for a response.

Access to physical materials can be limited based on the student's circumstances.

Is your child ready for online learning?

Is your child asking to enroll in online learning and you aren't sure if it is the right fit? Would you like your family to enjoy the benefits of online learning but want to make a confident decision that it is good for each child? Michigan Virtual has developed a great rubric that families can use to evaluate how well students fit with the requirements of an online learning program.

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