High-Fidelity Whole Device Model of Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasma

Project Goal:

  • Demonstration and assessment of core-edge coupled gyrokinetic physics in the whole ITER volume on experimental transport time-scale in a challenge problem for pedestal formation
  • Performance enhancement factor of >50 for coupled code on exascale platforms compared to the results obtained at the beginning of the project, accomplished through algorithmic advancement, performance engineering, and hardware improvement
  • Completion of extensible integration framework EFFIS 2.0 and demonstration on exascale platforms

After the completion of the ECP WDMApp goal by FY2023, we plan to add the effects of energetic particles, heating and current drive, plasma material interactions, as well as large-scale MHD instabilities.

Presently, the edge gyrokineic code XGC is coupled to the core gyrokinetic codes GENE and GEM on the integration fromwork EFFIS.

In order to reproduce WDMApp core-edge coupled simulation, XGC, GENE or GEM, and EFFIS need to be utilized. For instruction, send email to jdominski@pppl.gov.

The edge gyrokinetic code XGC is accessible online at https://hbps.pppl.gov/computing/xgc-1. To have access to the WDMapp's version of XGC, send an email to cschang@pppl.gov or jdominsk@pppl.gov.

The core gyrokinetic code GENE is accessible online at http://genecode.org. To have access to the WDMapp's version of GENE, send an email to frank.jenko@ipp.mpg.de or gmerlo@ices.utexas.edu.

The core gyrokinetic code GEM is accessible online at https://www.colorado.edu/center/cips/research/plasma-theory-and-simulation/gem-electromagnetic-gyrokinetic-turbulence-simulation. To have access to the WDMapp's version of GEM, send an email to sparker@colorado.edu or junyi.cheng@colorado.edu.

To have access to EFFIS, send an email to klasky@ornl.gov or suchytaed@ornl.gov.