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Radar Chart

The chart below shows 6 graphs with the static value of 9 key indicators in the model for the All Ordinaries Index.

By CLICKING on the chart, the graphs can be animated to show the 20 year history of these values, showing the times when the model identified both

- Positive Margin of Safety, where the probability of a positive return is high; &

- Negative Margin of Safety, where the probability of a positive return is low.

The 6 graphs on this page show the following:

- Top Centre, is the Radar Chart Showing the Margin of Safety of the 9 key indicators. The axis measures in standard deviations, with 0 representing fair value (blue line), 1 representing a buy (green line) and -1 representing a sell (red line)

- Top Left is the Performance Chart showing the Forecast Return for each of the 9 key indicators

- Bottom Left is the Preservation Chart showing the Probability of a positive return for each of the 9 key indicators

- Top Right is the Margin of Safety Chart showing the shift in the Return Distribution from the long term average curve

- Centre Right is the Price Triggers Chart showing the Buy, Sell and Hold price

- Bottom Right is the model forecast for 1yr, 2yr, 3yr, 5yr, 7yr and 10yrs. This is a long range forecasting tool that is used to identify any risks or opportunities into the future that can be kept on our radar.

Radar Chart - Historical Analysis

Click Chart to Animate

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