Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect my child to learn? - The goal is to broaden knowledge of jazz band and combo playing; improve theory and improvisation skills. We expect everyone to respect each other; participants are all at different levels in playing and we encourage students to support each other.

When is check-In? Camp starts at 9:00 am on Monday, July 30th in Kenyon House lobby. Students will sign in with a faculty member stationed in the lobby and then go directly to the Student Center (to the right of the lobby) to join other campers for a brief meeting. Following the meeting, students will be directed to a practice room to warm-up for their audition.

What should my child prepare for the audition? - Students should prepare ONE short piece.

How does lunch work? - Students should bring a bag lunch/snacks and water/juice for the entire day. Please note that there is no food available for purchase at the school during the summer. Also, refrigeration may not be available, so we recommend that ice-packs be used for perishables.

Is your school nut-free? - We may have children at camp with nut allergies. We offer a nut-free table at all meal times. Additionally, if you plan on sending your child with nuts, please inform them of the need to refrain from food sharing and to wash hands after they are done eating.

Where do I pick up my child? - Pick up is at 4:00 pm in Kenyon House lobby. Students must be picked up and signed out by their parent or guardian, or (with written permission from the child’s parent or guardian) by another designated adult.

What equipment/materials should my child bring? - Instrument, staff paper, pencils and music supplies as needed (reeds, strings, valve oil, sticks, mutes, etc.)

Is there equipment that is provided? - Amplifiers (bass and guitar); drum set; cymbals, pianos

How about parking? - Parking is available behind Kenyon House. During camp hours, students are to stay within our campus, unless accompanied by a staff member of the camp.

Does my child need an up-to-date health form prior to the start date of camp? - For returning PDS students, please let us know if you would like us to use the form already on file. Otherwise, we will need a copy of any updates. Non-PDS students should supply us with a health form and record of vaccinations from a doctor (see attached). It is imperative that you inform us of any medical concerns and allergies prior to the start of camp.

What about sunscreen? - As we may go outside from time to time, students should apply sunscreen in the mornings before coming to camp. If re-application will be necessary, please send a tube clearly labeled with your child's name and permission for a teacher or the student to apply it.

Should we pack Insect/tick repellent? - We’d like to avoid as many insect bites as possible. Just as with sunscreen, we recommend that students apply an appropriate repellent prior to the start of camp each day. Again, we are happy to reapply it, as long as we have a note giving us permission to do so. Make sure to check your child every day for ticks as they are very prevalent in this area.

When is the performance and what should should he/she wear? - Friday, Aug 3rd from 3:00 to 4:00pm in the Kenyon Student Center. Please dress nicely (no jeans, t-shirts or sneakers). We encourage you to invite family, friends, music teachers and neighbors. The performance is FREE and open to the public!