Collect from Book Depository

How to collect parcel from Book Depository using PostCo

Tired of missing your shopping parcels and wasting hours waiting for the deliver guy from Book Depository to show up?

You can collect your shopping parcel from Book Depository at one of 200+ convenient locations by using PostCo. Here's how:

Step 1:

Create a PostCo account, then choose and book the most convenient PostCo Location near you.

Step 2:

At Book Depository's checkout page, use your chosen PostCo location as the delivery address and add an @PostCo at the end of your last name. Example below.

Step 3:

Complete the rest of Book Depository's checkout procedures to confirm your order with them

Collect your parcel anytime you are free!

We'll email you a collection code once you have confirmed your location booking.

Book Depository will deliver your order to your chosen PostCo location.

We'll email you when your parcel has arrived and is ready for pick up.