About Us

Company Overview

Positive Steps is a non-profit that was founded in April 2015 with the mission of providing quality support services for people with varying ranges of physical and mental abilities. Positive Steps provides in-home direct care services to clients who each have a multitude of goals they wish to achieve. We administer community living support services at multiple sites throughout Livingston County and is primarily based in Howell, MI.

Break Ground. Move Barriers. Embrace Change. Adapt. grow.

Vision & Mission

We believe every adult is capable of some form of independence no matter what their abilities are. While every individual may not be able to be completely independent, we believe that with proper support, any individual can become independent and self-reliant in every area in which they possess the ability to do so.

Our calling is to support our clients through all of the steps they need to take to reach personal independence. We want to see our clients thrive and become not just a part of the community in which they live, but integrated members.

We want to see every adult reach their dreams of independence, self-reliance, and confidence. We want that not just for our clients, but also for our employees and the community we ultimately serve and are a part of.

all steps are positive steps