Mrs. Megan Markgren

3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Room 203


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Week 9: SPIRIT WEEK!!!!

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    • The district is using Zoom to help all members of the Portland Public School community stay in touch during school closures. In an effort to help students stay connected with their peers and myself, I have set up times to chat and meet with small groups of students. All meetings will be held at 9am for anybody who would like to join, I will be there!
    • To sign up for free visit: (don't worry, it was easy to sign up and easy to navigate)
    • To view the meeting schedule, click here: Mrs. Markgren Zoom Chats


Here are some resources to help you talk with your child at home about COVID-19!

New York Times Learning Page (regularly updated)

Student Explainer about the Coronavirus

Talking to Children About Coronavirus

American School Counselor resources

Speaking Up Against Racism Around the New Coronavirus

How to Talk with Children about Coronavirus

Keeping a schedule or a routine has been proven to help reduce anxiety in children. Here is a link to a sample schedule for home use that I created. Please feel free to modify for your families needs and use at home if it's helpful!


  • Beginning March 23rd I will be sending a daily email to families with a suggested schedule for at home learning. The district will be working on distributing work packets to families on Wednesday, 3.18. These packets will include materials in a hard-copy form that will support learning that was happening in the classroom. Below are links to websites and documents to support distance learning.
  • FAMOUS PERSON DAY RESEARCH CRITERIA: A hard copy of the Famous Person Research Criteria should be sent home in a work packet from Longfellow. I have also emailed a PDF of this document. Here is a link as well: Famous Person Research Criteria

What is the most dangerous animal in the world?

Why do cats purr?

Can animals get a sunburn?

Why is the sky blue?

How do germs get inside your body?

How does hand sanitizer kill germs?

                  • Full Lessons (45-90 Minutes, Includes Hands on Activity):

Where can you find whales in a desert?

Why do dogs wag their tails?

What's the best way to get rid of mosquitoes?

How can you keep a house from blowing away in a windstorm?

What makes bridges so strong?

      • ART:
          • MRS.BROWN ART: Mrs. Brown Art: Mrs.Brown Art on Instagram has reminded people that she has hundreds of free power points available online. She wrote: "I want to share my resources to parents and teachers who may be home-schooling for a while during the #COVID19 quarantine period. We’re all in this together.⁠"
              • FROM MR.MURPH: Here is a link to a home workout log from Mr.Murph Workout Log
              • YOGA WITH ADRIENE: Yoga with Adriene provides high quality practices on yoga and mindfulness at no cost to inspire people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is You Tubed base. Here is a link to one specifically made for kids!
                  • Capture the Flag
                  • Outdoor Races (Race around your neighborhood or yard)
                  • Hula Hoop
                  • Family Dance Parties
                  • Outdoor Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball)
      • MUSIC:
              • MUSIC WITH MR.SUTOR: Check Mr.Sutor's website for weekly lesson plans. Mr.Sutor's Website
              • SAN FRANCISCO SYMPHONY: A great interactive website to continue music learning! Recommended by my mom who has been a music teacher for 40 years :) ! Learn about the different parts of the orchestra. Make sure to check out the Music Lab where you can learn to play a tune with your computer keyboard by using the Performalator or write a tune of your own using the Composerizer!
              • ANTONIO STRADIVARI: Read about Antonio Stradivari, a famous violinist! Next time we work with the Portland Symphony Orchestra you will have some new information to share!
      • OTHER:
              • TYPING PRACTICE:
              • SECOND STEP: Families can also go online to find resources and activities to support Second Step at home. Here are directions to gain access:
                  • 1. Go to
                  • 2. Under New Users, click “Create Account”
                  • 3. Complete the required fields
                  • 4. Add Program Activation Key: SSPE FAMI LY68

ABOUT ME : I am a 3rd and 4th grade looping teacher at Longfellow Elementary School. I originally graduated with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Marketing from Florida Gulf Coast University and after a short career in the business world, quickly decided to pursue my teaching certification through Husson University. I began my student teaching at Longfellow Elementary in the Fall of 2009 and was hired the following year. Longfellow Elementary school is the only school I have ever known throughout my teaching career and I am happy to be part of such a close-knit community that is truly dedicated to the learning of our children. Outside of school you will most often find me spending time with my husband Derek . We love to go camping, hiking and fly- fishing. Traveling the world is also a passion of mine, I have traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, South East Asia, Jordan, Peru and have recently started exploring Europe. I also enjoy soaking up the sun on Maine's beautiful beaches in the summer.

You can always contact me through email: