South East Public Safety Authority


Long Lake-East Side residents, and more specifically, Lakeview N. of Central, Idlewild east of the culvert, Lake trail, Arbola, and the stub Beech st, and Stub Shady ln.

With the Idlewild culvert construction traversing to the residences served by Idlewild from Lakeview Dr. is difficult with most apparatus. We can travel it with the ambulance, and are checking the engines today, however we will NOT be able to make the pass with any tanker vehicles. IF there is a structure fire within the area during this construction we will have to lay extreme amounts of 5 inch fire hose, this is time consuming and obviously makes water supply challenging.

Due to this I will be issuing a BURN BAN in the entire area mentioned. This means NO open burning, please refrain from ANY open burning including lawn and brush cleanup AND camp/bonfires as well as any burning barrels normally used for paper waste or leaf disposal.

We appreciate your cooperation during this time, and hope the construction will progress without any difficulties and can be completed as rapidly as possible.

Thank You,

Southeast Public Safety Authority (SEPSA) is the culmination of many years of study and research. SEPSA represents the most efficient, and equitable method for operating fire and ems services in rural communities. SEPSA is a municipal corporation, and is the governing authority responsible for fire and emergency services in Mason and Porter Townships. They also have the authority to contract for police services should funding become available.

The SEPSA board consists of a minimum of five (5) members, consisting of at least one voting representative from the territorial area of the Authority at large, with the remaining positions being evenly distributed to afford equal voting representation from each Township comprising the Authority. Currently the Township of Mason, and the Township of Porter in Cass County Michigan comprise the Authority.

The current SEPSA board meets the second Thursday of each month at the Porter Fire Station (69401 Baldwin Prairie Rd Union, MI 49130), at 7:00pm. These meetings are open to the general public. SEPSA and your local fire departments are committed to providing the communities and citizens of Mason and Porter Townships with a professional and courteous system to deliver necessary emergency services, the protection of life and property, as well as other community support services.

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SEPSA Articles of Incorporation