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Common Troubleshooting Tips

These common solutions to a majority of device and browser issues may speed you along your way...

  • Verify that the account logged into your Chrome Browser or Chromebook is your @portageps.org account.

  • Web tools and websites may require a Hard Refresh to work properly, Shortcut keys: Ctrl + Shift + R

  • Try completely shutting down and restarting your Chromebook or device?

  • Occasionally, information about sites stored on your Chromebook or within Chrome may need to be cleared. Read this article to clear your Cookies & Cache.

  • Verify that your Chromebook or Chrome Browser is running the latest version of Chrome/OS. If you are using a device other than a Chromebook, download the chrome browser and use that for school work.

  • If you are still experiencing difficulty with your device or browser, visit our support page.

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