Performance and Development Review

"The University of Portsmouth is committed to supporting and developing our people to deliver excellence with commitment and passion.”

The Performance and Development Review (PDR) aims to help you reflect on how you can achieve your own performance excellence. To support this aim, the university has developed an online system to facilitate your PDR.

Your PDR will help you to :

  • Understand what is expected of you in your role
  • Reflect on what you already do well and where you can improve
  • Discuss and review your achievements, progress and contribution
  • Plan your development and career goals

PDR is a continuous cycle that links the University and local strategic aims to your team objectives and your own individual objectives with a focus on your performance, contribution and career aspirations. The key principle in ensuring you have a meaningful PDR is the quality of the conversation. Professional, honest and open conversations enable us to celebrate successes and provide the right support and development for you.

'The success of the University depends upon its people and that is why it is critical that all staff have meaningful PDR discussions. The aim is for all of us to have objectives that align with our University Strategy and local plans. Our achievements and behaviours will reflect the values of the University and the hallmarks embedded within our People Strategy. An important element of PDR is identifying development goals which will benefit the individual as well as the University.'

Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor

The PDR Lifecycle (1st April - 30th September)

PDR Lifecycle