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The Kathu Journals:

Out of Lovecraft's Providence

Step into the eldritch realm of Lovecraftian horror, with pontos fathom press revised edition of The Kathu Journals: Out of Providence. edited by William Mitchell, This 2023 Revised Edition unveils a tapestry of arcane forces and esoteric knowledge with meticulous care, delving into the profound depths of these enigmatic texts as they unravel the chilling enigmas of Lovecraft's unfathomable cosmic horror.Embark on an extraordinary journey through the labyrinthine recesses of eldritch mysteries, immersing yourself in the experimental works of Moldenhauer and Balasamo. Brace yourself for an unparalleled exploration of otherworldly phenomena, where the fragile boundary between sanity and madness dissolves, and ancient horrors stir in the shadowed corners of existence...more