Female Facial Shapes

Exploring realistic facial shapes with Blender.


Blender 2.83.2 LTS

R3DS Wrap 3.4.8

GIMP 2.10.20

Bundle purchased from 3D Scan Store

Raw mesh, 8k color map, facial compression shape in Blender.

Initially created a neutral mesh in Blender using retopology over the neutral scan, UV unwrapped and 8k color map. However, decided to use R3DS Wrap’s gallery neutral mesh instead to explore the BlendWrapping workflow.

Neutral scan to mesh: Scan with 8k color map from 3D Scan Store (left), mesh with unwrapped UV from R3DS Wrap (center), raw mesh and 8k color map processed results (right).

Neutral before and after. From scan and color map (top), to raw processed mesh and 8k color map (center), to cleaned mesh and color map (bottom).

Cleaned neutral mesh and 8k color map.

Raw processed results using R3DS Wrap. Series of morph target expressions on mesh with respective 8k color maps.