Mrs. Holt's

Math 8

Math 1

PCMS Belief Statement

As a collaborative educational community, we believe in positive relationships, productive efforts and relevant learning.

Math I

Math I is a high school course with high school credit offered to qualified students at the middle school. PCMS is using The Center for Mathematics Education Project (CME). Students will be expanding their knowledge of algebraic concepts, which includes operation with polynomials, using matrices to display and interpret data, solving and graphing linear equations, solving and graphing quadratic equations, algebraic representations of geometric relationships, and an introduction to nonlinear functions. Students will be given in class activities, homework assignments, quizzes, and tests to reinforce their learning.

Problem-based, student-centered curriculum

Engaging lessons that focus on developing students' Habits of Mind

Accessible approach to capture and engage students of all ability levels

Math 8

Math 8 is a Pre-Algebra class with an emphasis on linear equations. PCMS is using Glencoe

Math (Build to the Common Core). Students will be expanding their knowledge of mathematics

by working independently and cooperatively to solve problems and expand their skills to

compute with all real numbers. They will be challenged to apply their prior knowledge and

experience in new and more difficult situations. Students will be given in class activities,

homework assignments, quizzes, and tests to reinforce their learning.

The goals of Math 8 are to help students:

Develop mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills

Develop the capacity to define and solve problems with reason, insight, inventiveness and technical proficiency

Build on and make connections among mathematical ideas and concepts

See the connections between math and other disciplines.


In the case of illness or other absence from school, students are required to make up all work following the absence. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain, complete, and turn in any and all missed assignments. Students will have the number of days missed plus one day to make up work missed due to absence.


Research indicates that homework improves student achievement. Homework includes any class related assignment to be accomplished outside of class. Homework assignments will be well designed, purposeful, and serve as an extension of in class learning. Parental involvement and support of homework is beneficial to a child’s academic growth and achievement.

Students should make sure assignments are complete and turned in on time. It is my policy that student’s turn in homework assignments at the beginning of class on the day it is due. More information regarding the Polk County Middle School homework policy will be sent home in a few weeks.