Working with you to support your child's literacy.

Clinical quality, evidence-based, reading, writing and spelling instruction in the Macedon Ranges. 

Practical, tailored support for parents.

Mutisensory Structured Language (MSL).  Associate Member Australian Dyslexia Association (AMADA).

Now practicing at Woodend Paediatric Speech Pathology, 15 Templeton St, Woodend, Victoria.

What we offer.

One-to-One Instruction for Children

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For Children

If your child is finding reading, writing or spelling challenging, we can help with one-to-one sessions tailored to your child's needs. 

We provide clinical quality, evidence-based literacy instruction for primary and lower-secondary aged children.

We specialise in helping children with Specific Learning Disorders (dyslexia and dysgraphia) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). We support children in mainstream schools and in homeschooling contexts.

We run individualised programs based on Stuctured Literacy, specifically Orton-Gillingham, principles. These principles are widely recognised by organisations such as the Australian Dyslexia Association, Learning Difficulties Australia and Dyslexia Victoria Support as being best practice for teaching children with learning difficulties. 

Our instructors are trained in Mulitsensory Structured Language (MSL) and are accredited as Associate Members of the Australian Dyslexia Association (AMADA) as well as being experienced, registered teachers.

Sessions are held once or twice per week during term time, face-to-face or online.

We are based in Woodend, in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria, Australia.

Prices include one 50 minute session per week, preparation, home revision materials, progress reports and most resources. 

Meetings with schools and letters/reports for allied health professionals have an additional fee.

Contact us to discuss specialist literacy instruction and tutoring: 

For Parents

We provide support to parents of our students through:

We support other interested parents through:

For Schools

We provide consultancy to schools to help them implement practices based on the Science of Reading. 

If you are implementing a Structured Literacy program already, or just want to know where to start,  we can help with advice, coaching, training, professional development and support.