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Management Team

Michele Grant - Vice President, Administration and Operations

Ashanta Williams - Program Manager, Registration

Cesar Bahamonde - Manager, Special Projects

John Krumenacker - Program Manager, Venue & Vendor Management

Average lead time for scheduling meetings and events is 2-3 months in advance of an event and after all budgets have been approved for the year. However, all requests for assistance, regardless of timing are welcomed.

For meetings and events requiring PDU generation and/or assistance with securing a venue location:

  1. Check the online calendar of events for viable dates to avoid conflicts.

  2. If PDU generation is needed, please click here to review information on PDU eligibility requirements.

  3. Click here to fill out and submit the Meeting and Event Specification Form.

  • Please allow 48-72 hours (between Monday-Friday) to be contacted by an Operations team member to schedule an Intake Discussion with all necessary parties.

  • Upon completion of the discussion, next steps will be confirmed.

To Request PDU Generation - Only:

  1. For information on PDU eligibility requirements, click here.

  2. Click here to fill out and submit a PDU Generation Form.

      • Please allow 48-72 hours (between Monday-Friday) to be contacted by a PDU Team member to schedule to discuss/review the submitted request.

      • To assist with collecting data to confirm participant attendance, a Meeting Attendance Sheet is available by clicking here.

      • To assist with entering data for a New Event Course, a template is available by clicking here.

  3. Please note: PDUs will be credited within two to three weeks upon receipt of the Meeting Attendance Sheet or the New Event Course being submitted to the PDU Team.

If you have any inquiries or concerns please forward them to: