About Us

Ken Hunter founded Hunter Agri-Sales in 1975 with the goal of providing economical liquid fertilizer storage and secondary containment systems for the agricultural industry. He then designed the Plia-Tank system, a roofed, pre-diked system for liquid fertilizer storage. The Plia-Tank system is a popular alternative to large steel tanks in the midwest.

In 1988, he designed and developed the Plia-Dike system as an alternative to concrete diking for secondary containment. The Plia-Dike system has been installed from coast to coast and internationally.

The Plia-Pad system was developed to provide portable containment during operational activities such as loading, unloading, rinsing, etc. The Plia-Pad system can now be fabricated for use by aerial applicators.

The Plia-Liner division has grown to include industrial, municipal, and aquascape design, as well as agriculture.

In 2016, Ken Hunter sold Hunter Agri-Systems which then became Plia Containment Systems. Plia Containment Systems still sells the same great products.