Work Permits

Work Permit Information

NOTE: The WEE Coordinator/Teacher oversees Work Permits: Ms. Kelsey Hartman at


NOTE: Any student picking up their completed Work Permit must show their student ID at the district office (front desk). (If a parent wishes to pick up the permit, they must have their name on the work permit request form and show their ID when picking up the permit.)


What is a Work Permit?

A work permit is a document that students under 18 years of age must obtain after they have been offered employment. Work permits will be processed at the Pleasanton Unified School District Office located at 5758 W. Las Positas Blvd, 94566.


Do I Need a Work Permit during the school year?

Students working during the school year must have a work permit. The number of hours a student may work during the regular school year are listed on the application and on the issued work permit. Hours that can be worked are based on the student’s age.


Do I Need a Work Permit during the summer?

The work permit you obtain during the school year will be valid during the summer as well. If your employment is a summer job only, you will still need to get a work permit.


How long is the Work Permit valid?

All work permits issued will expire on or about September 1, one week after the opening of the school year. Other local requirements: Pleasanton Unified School District may decline issuance of a work permit based on GPA (minimum 2.0 GPA) and/or poor attendance.


What is the Work Permit procedure?

How to obtain a Theatrical Work Permit:

Theatrical Work Permits including the entertainment industry and modeling must be obtained by a parent/guardian directly from the California State Labor Commissioner at 1515 Clay Street, Room 801, Oakland, CA 94612.


Please send a note requesting an application for this entertainment industry-specific type of work permit and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the above address.


Part of the application must be completed by the school district. The completed application may then be mailed back to the Oakland office by the parent with a self-addressed, stamped envelope. The special work permit will be mailed to you. For more info, call 510-622-3273 and select “0” for a representative.